First blog post

This is the beginning of a blog where great energy transfers💡💪🏾💓🙏🏾 #SelfCareMatters, emotions matter, words matter, mothers matter, quality counts, and most importantly Mothers can share their thoughts and opinions. My name is Young Mommy welcome to Mom Motivation 101. I chose to blog about Self-care and inner peace because for most of my life it has been something that Ive battled to gain the true concept of . Im vested in motivating mothers because it was something I needed when I was younger. Being trapped between what you’ve been conditioned to be and who you truly are at the core is real. I hope to provide you with valuable resources and insight to help guide you in your endeavors towards love, peace and prosperity simultaneously. Because there is no need to choose, you’re worthy of experiencing them all at the same damn time. We’re going to utilize the Pure ENERGY that’s found only in True Self-Care to vibrate higher and impact those connected to us. Take a moment to browse around my site and get a full scope of what all I have in store for us. Until my next post take care and find your peace mamas because there lies your power. 💡💪🏾💓🙏🏾


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