Self Care, Self Love Same Thing Right?

WHATTTT….. you mean to tell me they’re not the same🤔 NO they are absolutely NOT Let me explain this further for you
The past two years for me have been a diligent and intentional journey in researching, learning and practicing not only self-care, but self-love. And what I’ve found is that although the two may be intertwined at times, they are not always connected. You can actually practice one without the other, like going to see your doctor. That is an act of self-care, but may not always be an act of self-love. 

Sometimes if you’re hurting bad enough, it becomes more an act of desperation. You just want to be rid of the pain more so than you actually loving yourself enough to take care and engage in the prevention I would know this better than most in 2012 I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia I was one of the typical you don’t get it until you Get it people. 

I just had to be there for EVERYone especially the ones considered to be the underdogs keeping others from being mistreated was an obsession so I knew this was gonna be one hell of a ride for me but I had to DO something and BE better so I did! I ate better, thought better, cut out toxic products and all 🙌🏾

Yet I was still full of frustration😩 then one day I got to thinking to myself that heyyy… you’re caring for yourself but you’ve got to LOVE yourself as well you’ve got to understand the Why? not just the Whats? this is for Self You have to apply the same methods across the board with your Self-Care and Love it has to be considered and applied with your choices in friends, lovers, jobs activities and environments. So please understand that Self-Care is the What? and Self-Love is the Why?

Don’t wait until it’s an act of desperation to put yourself in a better position to win in all aspects of your life it’s your life live it your way and don’t allow anyone with bad spirits to Lower your vibrations💡💪🏾💓🙏🏾 

 Soooo… Now that you know the WHY? 🔑🍋 Let’s see if we can get into the How’s? 🙌🏾😎💃🏾 Help others but learn how to help them through your own healing Heal you 1st Heal THEM later💡 

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