Self-care is one of those topics that just doesn’t get enough attention. As a mom, or just as a woman period, people look to us to consistently give of ourselves. We are the fixers. We make everything come together and we know how to make it work even when it’s close to impossible. But we run ourselves ragged and don’t come up for fresh air until we have nothing left to give. At least that used to describe me. I’m thankful that I’m learning day by day the importance of taking care of myself. What self-love looks like. What healing feels like. What speaking life sounds like. And I’m learning to surround myself with other phenomenal women, like Arica Brooks, who has a calling on her life, to help women reach a place of peace, healing and self-love so that they become all they were created to be. Her positive energy is contagious and if you hang around her long enough you can’t help but to catch some of it!


Tanisha Colbert