I first met Arica Brooks through a phone call and shortly after in person. From the moment, I heard her voice we have had a awesome and wonderful growing relationship. Arica is someone who is not afraid to express herself in any form. Arica is a great example of someone who is kind, gentle, generous, sweet, who’s inner beauty reflects on the outside. She is witty, spontaneous, and funny. She is considerate of other’s sensibilities and most of all she is respectful of others. She is able to feel what’s right while being in touch with reality beyond being negative. I love that she took the time to listen to me when i was hurting but yet was willing to tell me the truth. She is very understanding to other’s needs. The one thing that i am truly thankful and love about our friendship and business relationship is her ATTITUDE for life and wanting people she come in contact with to live the best life ever. Iv’e taken every tool she’s given me and used it to create a life where i can care for me and others by putting me first I love me some Arica Brooks


Terri R. Neely